Block of the Week Challenge


Something NEW***Something Different

Scrapology  Opportunity


  • Each Tuesday on our website and blog, we will post 3 FREE downloadable block patterns with tips.  This program runs November, December & ends in January
  • Download these blocks, they will only be available for 2 weeks, so hurry!
  • Blocks are 6″ finished.  There is a total of 30 blocks with instructions on finishing
  • Choose the fabrics from your stash or 8-10 fat quarters + 2-3 yards of background
  • Post the blocks on The Quilting Squares Facebook page or bring them to shop
  • For every block you make, your name goes into a pot
  • Each week there is a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate.  the more blocks you make, the more chances to win!!  You must have your current weekly block posted by the following Monday in order to get your name in the pot.
  • You can keep your blocks or donate them to us for Ronald McDonald House, Please use bright colors if you are donating your blocks.
  • You do not have to do the blocks every week.  Although we would love to have you do them,
  • Come to the shop and see  Kay & Kathy’s  and our employees blocks.


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Paduch Adventures with Kay and Kathy 2014

Kathy and I finished loading the trailer yesterday and hit the road. Before each adventure, we go to Moody’s tire to check air pressure and oil. Stopped for gas and finally left Franklin. Stopped in Clarksville for some lunch, Arby’s. We then proceeded to Paducah. Not too many vendors are here yet, so we were able to get a decent spot to unload. Half way done, it started to rain, not good. Just enough to be annoying! We got everything in the booth and started to set up. We hung the quilts and realized that they are our own patterns!! Feels very nice to promote us. We then put up our lights, greenery and Christmas lights. Placed the tables and then decided we were done for the night. Went to the marshmallow or bubble so see our friends. Jodi and Steve,#squareinasquare, was ready to call it quits for the night also. We headed downtown to eat at the Whalers. They have the best poppy seed salad dressing.

After we ate, we headed to our house that we rented for the week with our friend Julie Jenkins and her mom, Joann. It is near Kentucky Dam. We missed the road we needed to turn on, which lead us to a place we could Zipline!! Non-quilt related adventure?? Turned around and found the road.
Julie was already here with wine ready to be poured!!




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Sewing Organizers


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April UFO – #5

How is everyone doing on their UFO projects?  How many have you completed?  Send some pictures to me so I can post them.  It is fun to see what everyone else have finished.  I’m going to give you a couple of tips to keep you moving forward in your adventure.

1.  When you finish a project, make something fun, a small mini wall hanging.  Thimble Blossoms designs have several mini patterns available in the shop. Come in and check them out. #  or their

2.  When you finished piecing the top, go ahead and make the binding so it is ready when the quilt is quilted.  Roll you binding on an empty paper towel roll and when you are ready to sew, put it on a paper towel holder for it to unwind.

3.  Use binding clips to hold strips together or parts of your quilt pieces.  Great for holding your rows together.

These are just a few tips, until the next time.  Keep on SEWING!!!


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20 Reasons to Visit Nashville, Tennessee

22 Reasons You Should Visit Nashville Now
01/25/14 08:31 AM ET
There’s a reason that Nashville has been named one of the 52 places to go in 2014 by the New York Times.

Nashville is, increasingly, the perfect blend of its historic country roots and its hipster and rock & roll present. It’s a strange juxtaposition, certainly, that the land of Elvis and Dolly is now also the land of hipsters and foodies, but that’s how it goes, it seems.

With that in mind, here are 22 reasons why you visit the blended old and new Music City not just this year but right now.

1. The hot chicken (a Nashville specialty) at Hattie B’s. Add a side of pimento mac & cheese.

2. The piano at Studio B (an additional tour at kinda-gotta-see The Country Music Hall of Fame), where Elvis recorded more music than anywhere else.

3. With over 700 of them, there are more churches per capita in this town than any place else in the country. So there’s that.

4. Little Richard lives on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel downtown, across from the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s a known fact. And so lovable.

5. Hatch Show Print. An oldie–established in 1879–but a goodie for lovers of letterpress posters.

6. Honky tonks! Robert’s Western sits amongst a plethora of options on lower Broadway.

7. Frist Museum for the Norman Rockwell show (on through Feb. 9).

8. The awesome blue grass tunes at The Station Inn.

9. The guacamole and house margarita at Saint Anejo in the Gulch, one of the hipster neighborhoods that just popped out of nowhere.

10. The full scale replica of the Parthenon.

11. Shopping at Nashvillian boutiques in places like Hillsboro Village (home of the famous Pancake Pantry) and 12 South (Below, 12South Tap Room, seen on warmer days).

12. The burgers at Burger Up (be prepared to wait in line).

13. Franklin, a 20-minute drive south of town, for shopping and good eats.

14. Goo Goo clusters!

15. The beauty of the Ryman Auditorium, the “mother Church of country music.”

16. The knowledge that the band you’re listening to at some random venue might just be the next big thing.

17. Parnassus Books, an independent store owned by author Ann Patchett.

18. The complete package experience of Pinewood Social: brunch, bowling and booze.

19. People are really friendly.

20. The ridiculous amounts of memorabilia at the new-ish Johnny Cash Museum.

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Magazine Organization

Here is an article I found about Decluttering your magazines

January 22nd, 2014 by Morna

Are you really going back to look at the magazines you have stacked in the corner of your bookshelf?
I know from where I speak. I used to have a huge stack of magazines, some read, some waiting to be read. Sure they had great designs in them. Problem was when I wanted to be inspired I had way too many magazines to look through.
So I didn’t.
How about you? What does your stack of unread magazines look like?
All those magazines just take up space in our environment and at the same time rob us of something we really need, like energy to do our work.
So what to do about that stack that you have that just keeps getting bigger? Here are some ideas:
When the magazines first come in, take a quick look through the contents. Neatly tear out the ones you want to refer to again. Store the articles in a folder or binder.
Create an inspiration journal and save particular designs in it.
If you can’t bear to tear into the magazine or don’t have time to really read something, put a sticky note on the cover and mark the pages with content you need to read. After you’re finished, file the articles to save and toss the magazine
Periodically go through the articles or patterns you’ve saved. You may find your tastes have changed. That’s what I noticed, and then I just tossed what I saved. No need to save what no longer interested me.
How about the influx of mail order catalogs? I start by removing the order form. Then as I go through the catalog, if something sparks my interest, I remove that page and paper clip it behind the order form. Once I’ve finished checking out the catalog, it goes into the recycle bin. I place my order as soon as I can so I can toss the extra papers. If I find I don’t order within a short time, I just toss the papers.
Here’s a quote to motivate you to eliminate.
“One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.” Bruce Lee

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On January 23rd, 2014 at 8:54 am
Beth said:
Definitely a topic I’ve struggled with over the years. Eventually I stopped all my magazines because I was simply overwhelmed. Am still working through a bunch of old magazines, plus already have binders full of clipped articles…
Recently I had to get a new printer, and invested in a wi-fi printer/scanner/copier combo. Slowly and steadily, I’ve been going through the binders (which I never seem to go through when I need inspiration!). For articles I still want to keep, I scan them to my computer and toss the paper. Scanning a 5 page article takes under a minute, and I’ve already gotten through 4 of 5 binders – whew!
I re-located several articles/patterns pertinent to some on-going UFO’s, so now I can get back to finishing them. And I LOVE having the articles organized neatly in folders on my computer. I have a double back-up system (external HD plus a cloud solution) for my computer, since it’s the mainstay of my business, and this treasure trove of inspiration/information is also backed up. Sweet!

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Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? Are you ready to get this Monday started?
How are you doing on your UFO Challenge? i have been gone a lot this month and have not made much progress. 😦 Saturday, February 1, I will post another number for the month of February. Will you be ready? Get busy and stitch on!!!

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Great day in Seattle.


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2014 UFO Challenge!

Who is ready for a challenge to finish some of your projects that is stashed away? I bet you have forgotten many of them! I know I have. Some of them I think, when did I do this?

This is how it is going to work:
1. Pull out 12 of your UFO projects you would like to complete this year. Yes, I know you may have more than 12. As you pull the projects, ask yourself these questions:
A. Do I want to complete this project?
B. Do I love this enough to finish it?
C. Do I just need to tear this project apart and put it into my stash?
2. Put each project in a bag or container with all you need so you will be ready to start the project. Special rulers, instructions,
3. Number each project from 1-12
4. The first day of each month, I will post a number from 1-12. Pill that project and work on it and try to finish before the end of the month.
5. As you complete a project, send a photo or share on our Instagram.
6. You decide what is finished. Topper ready to be quilted or quilted, bound and label.
7. When you are finished, cut your leftovers into useable squares or strips ready for a future scrappy project. I will probably cut mine into 2 1/2″ squares and strips.
8. Ready or start? Pull #2 project, ready, set, GO!

If you find projects you don’t want, separate the fabrics and put in your stash or cut up into squares or strips for a future project.

Start a container for UFO blocks if you tear apart a project.

Have fun!!!! Can’t wait to see what you have done!


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A New Year with The Quilting Squares

Hi, we are Kay and Kathy, owners of “The Quilting Squares”Quilt Shop in Franklin, Tn.
“We are so happy you have stopped by”.On our travel to Dallas last week to attend a SnS reunion, one of our goals was to do more blogging and to get more followers on our Facebook and blog. Today we start. Most of the time, Kay will be doing the blog and Kathy the Facebook.

What is “The Quilting Squares”?
We want to give you inspiration, encouragement, ideas and some just plan fun! QS will be chock full of quilting ideas, techniques,DIYs, tips for simple/natural loving,recipe successes and our adventures in traveling to quilt shows as vendors.

It will be great to meet and greet new readers, you will get to know us better and what is happening at the shop. Kay and Kathy’s personalities and friendliness permeates the staff and shop with just the right amount of “Crazy”.

These are a few quirky facts about us…
1. Loves to cook and bake. I will be posting many recipes that I have tried and use for special events in the shop
2. Pinaholic- loves Pinterest, no games for me
3. Dog named Sophie
4. 2daughters and 2 granddaughters/ Melissa and EmmaLee, Chrissy and Abby. They both are married to a Matt
5. Love for decorating at the shop and home. Creating beautiful vignettes with what you have in your home.
6. Husband-Ned
1. Seldom cooks, Jets pizza on speed dial and Oreo cookies
2. Loves to machine quilt. Teaches various levels of classes at the shop.
3. Very patient, teaches a beginning machine piecing class.
4. Dog named Barkley. If you haven’t heard how he got his name, ask her
5. Daughter-Katie and Son-Michael
6. Husband-Jeff

We would love to hear from you!!
Please follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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