Saturday Night Live

It is hard for us to blog. Writers block. The problem is we don’t really know what to tell you.
I received a business magazine called Webcents. There was an article that explained blogging in common terms. They used a home analogy. Our website could be considered our house and the living room is our blog. This would be a place to invite someone in to get to know each other. Your front porch cold represent Facebook or Twitter. It is a spot where you wave, give a friendly hello or even meet someone for the first time. Another analogy-building a new wardrobe-website is the closet and a blog is your little black dress; Facebook and Twitter accounts are your sassy little accessories. Our blog represents us. Conclusion – We want our followers to get to know us, especially if you have never meet us. we are going to try to do more with our blog. Kay got an IPad which will make it a little easier to post. Stick with us and see what we do, our travels, and unexpected activities. Kay is addicted to Pinterest. Check out her boards. Request to be invited at
I found a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe. Guess what’s in the oven. Smelling good.
It was an exciting day at the shop. We were busy. Kathy started her Kisses from my Beloved BOM. This is a Square In a Square* club. Never cut triangles! Very cool technique. A lot of the members stayed and sewed. We Like to give you the help to get you started on a new technique.
Kay will be teaching a class, Thursday, Feb. 2. Only a few spaces left. Call the shop if want to join us.
Monday there will be a crochet class. Do you need a refresher on crocheting?
Wednesday- straight line quilting-Kathy
Thursday-square in a square -Kay
Friday – PMS starts at 5:00
Saturday-knitted Kimono Jacket-Joan
That’s what is happening at the shop next week.


About Franklin Quilt Company

We love to quilt and enjoy teaching everything about quilting. We design patterns and designed The Shortcut Binding Tool.They are easy patterns with multiple sizes. Stop in and say Hi!
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