Grand Rapids Road Trip

Kathy and I left Saturday for Grand Rapids. ROAD TRIP!! First stop – food, go figure. Outside of Louisville, our favorite sign, “Used Cows for Sale”. Kathy wouldn’t let me stop at the Pie Kitchen. She said ” no pie for you! Proceeded to Maumee, Ohio to a distributors to buy. Had some problems getting a motel, but got a great deal in Perrysville. We joined CLC lodging. Saved us about 30%.

Sunday- went to Checkers. Purchase some fabrics and saw several demos that we can use in the shop. Meet Alex Anderson, she signed some books for us. Saw the new Michael Miller clubhouse for next yeAr. BEAUTIFUL! You will love it. Left Maumee, traveled to GD Rapids( no GD does not stand for what your are thinking) found the hotel. Slept well. Received the pressing sticks from Fed Ex. Proceeded to downtown to start setup. All is going very well. A little scary for us. Ate breakfast at the cutest place, Pal’s. 50’s decor, everything is pink. Coming back on Thursday nite for a cruise in. Vintage cars. Got to go, and finish set up.




About Franklin Quilt Company

We love to quilt and enjoy teaching everything about quilting. We design patterns and designed The Shortcut Binding Tool.They are easy patterns with multiple sizes. Stop in and say Hi!
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