Thread Organizing

I’m back!! We got back from our 2 week road trip. We had no problems, no blow outs, and met up with old and new friends. Now we are preparing for Paducah in 2 weeks. Wow,
We are not ready.

I want to talk about threads. Are yours organized? Are they easy to see? Are they separated in to different types? If you answered no, then it may be time to see how you can get this little area of your sewing supplies organized.

Start by getting all your threads in one spot.
Separate into type of thread, machine piecing, embellishment threads, serger threads, hand thread.
Place each type into a container and label.
Know look and see what you are lacking. I found out today, I have no pink thread.
Polyester thread? Did you find some? I have a container full. Don’t sew with polyester thread with 100% cotton fabric. Poly is stronger than cotton. The poly will cut the cotton fibers. I put mine in a large vase set out as a display of color.

What brand of thread do you prefer? We sell Mettler SilkFinish for piecing. Kathy likes it for her machine quilting. It shows up on the quilt. It is a 50wt/3ply. I like to piece with a 50wt/2 ply. It is a little finer thread. I’ve been using DMC, but no distributor sells it, so it is harder to keep supplied. So, I started using Aurifill. I am liking it, very similar to DMC.

Let me know what you are using. Have fun fondling you threads!!!

Have a great weekend! Kay

About Franklin Quilt Company

We love to quilt and enjoy teaching everything about quilting. We design patterns and designed The Shortcut Binding Tool.They are easy patterns with multiple sizes. Stop in and say Hi!
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