2014 UFO Challenge!

Who is ready for a challenge to finish some of your projects that is stashed away? I bet you have forgotten many of them! I know I have. Some of them I think, when did I do this?

This is how it is going to work:
1. Pull out 12 of your UFO projects you would like to complete this year. Yes, I know you may have more than 12. As you pull the projects, ask yourself these questions:
A. Do I want to complete this project?
B. Do I love this enough to finish it?
C. Do I just need to tear this project apart and put it into my stash?
2. Put each project in a bag or container with all you need so you will be ready to start the project. Special rulers, instructions,
3. Number each project from 1-12
4. The first day of each month, I will post a number from 1-12. Pill that project and work on it and try to finish before the end of the month.
5. As you complete a project, send a photo or share on our Instagram.
6. You decide what is finished. Topper ready to be quilted or quilted, bound and label.
7. When you are finished, cut your leftovers into useable squares or strips ready for a future scrappy project. I will probably cut mine into 2 1/2″ squares and strips.
8. Ready or start? Pull #2 project, ready, set, GO!

If you find projects you don’t want, separate the fabrics and put in your stash or cut up into squares or strips for a future project.

Start a container for UFO blocks if you tear apart a project.

Have fun!!!! Can’t wait to see what you have done!


About Franklin Quilt Company

We love to quilt and enjoy teaching everything about quilting. We design patterns and designed The Shortcut Binding Tool.They are easy patterns with multiple sizes. Stop in and say Hi!
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