Paduch Adventures with Kay and Kathy 2014

Kathy and I finished loading the trailer yesterday and hit the road. Before each adventure, we go to Moody’s tire to check air pressure and oil. Stopped for gas and finally left Franklin. Stopped in Clarksville for some lunch, Arby’s. We then proceeded to Paducah. Not too many vendors are here yet, so we were able to get a decent spot to unload. Half way done, it started to rain, not good. Just enough to be annoying! We got everything in the booth and started to set up. We hung the quilts and realized that they are our own patterns!! Feels very nice to promote us. We then put up our lights, greenery and Christmas lights. Placed the tables and then decided we were done for the night. Went to the marshmallow or bubble so see our friends. Jodi and Steve,#squareinasquare, was ready to call it quits for the night also. We headed downtown to eat at the Whalers. They have the best poppy seed salad dressing.

After we ate, we headed to our house that we rented for the week with our friend Julie Jenkins and her mom, Joann. It is near Kentucky Dam. We missed the road we needed to turn on, which lead us to a place we could Zipline!! Non-quilt related adventure?? Turned around and found the road.
Julie was already here with wine ready to be poured!!




About Franklin Quilt Company

We love to quilt and enjoy teaching everything about quilting. We design patterns and designed The Shortcut Binding Tool.They are easy patterns with multiple sizes. Stop in and say Hi!
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